7 Tricks to Shake the Pity-Party

Have you ever had one of those weeks that really just kicks you in the rear? You have so much on your plate and you just don’t know if you can do it for another day? All you want is a break. Seriously just an hour in which you won’t have to worry about all said things on your plate. Unfortunately, this has been one of those weeks for me… So much to do, so little time, and much too much self-pity.

I realized throughout the week that when I feel down I have to quit with the pity party and do something about it!

The seven things I did this week *not including feeling bad for myself* that I hope will work for you too.

1.Think about someone else
There is always someone out there who is worse off than you are. Please don’t forget about those people. Drive someone to campus in the pouring rain. Call your sister because she probably had a hard day too. Don’t get so caught up in your own problems that you forget others have them too.

*OPTIONAL* give that person a wink it might make them feel extra-better

2. Go to the gym, go for a run, *come on feel good endorphins*
“I work out because punching people is frowned upon” — cool t-shirt that I wouldn’t be mad if one of you bought me for Christmas.

3. Do something that reminds you of home
 If you need an example, I cracked open a jar of my mom’s home-bottled peaches and ate two bowlfuls while I listened to Alabama for twenty minutes. Cry because it’s okay to miss your momma but then smile because you’re lucky to have a place to miss.

4. Make a sweet treat
Banana-peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies. Nuff said. ←that’s a link and you should make them!

5. Check some things off your list
 Write things on your to-do list that you completed more than four days prior just to feel satisfied by checking that box. This is a no-judgement zone and we all know how good those checkmarks feel.

6. Dance it out
 Crank up some AC/DC, Jesse McCartney, Destiny’s Child, whatever suits your fancy and dance it out! No one cares if you are a sucky dancer. Flail those arms around, grab a spatula, and have a flash back concert in your kitchen.

7. Give yourself a break!
 What is your favorite thing to do? Stop doing whatever you are doing RIGHT NOW and do that thing!! No excuses. DO YOUR THING! If that sounded demanding, it was. Do what makes you happy. Whatever is stressing you out will still be there in an hour, so give yourself that hour and do what you want without feeling guilty about it. You’ll feel better I promise

Do these things in no particular order or do them all at once. Just do yourself a favor and do them! It’ll be worth it. Here’s to hoping next week I don’t leave lose my other Hydro Flask at flag football, fail an assignment, and fall in the rain upwards of nine times.