Starting Fresh

March was a very bad month in terms of growth with my journey learning Korean. I spent hardly anytime improving or just spending time with it in general. I mean I listen to a lot of Korean music, but I always have, so I don’t consider much of it a help to an extent of where I am at in my journey.

I need to slow down and get back to where I started in January. With the simple daily goal of doing something for 10 minutes or more a day. It is not difficult at all. The aim of such goal is all in the name of building a habit. By developing study habits, it will make studying much easier on me and reserve some of my willpower.

I so easily get sidetracked and as time shows I have fallen behind once again. However I cannot let this anger or depress me because compared to previous years I am way ahead of where I once was.

My attitude towards education and learning things may be a culprit in why it can be difficult for me to set aside some time to just do something. I am not much of a scholarly type of person. In fact, for the most part, I hate formal education. I love research and learning things I want to learn, but in the case of Korean the beginning is difficult because I have to learn the basics in a formal sense.

I have to work on making the task less painful, so my brain will stop trying to avoid it. I know what I need to do and it is up to me to do it. It really is a psychological thing and being a serial procrastinator all my life tends to make things like this a bit more difficult. So all I can do right now is just develop a habit and take it easy on myself. The more painful I make this, the harder it is.

Thanks for reading!