10 Reasons Why Pete Buttigieg Should be Biden’s VP

Analysis shows Buttigieg is the best choice for a winning ticket

10. Pete’s already been vetted and has proven his ability to handle the press.

9. Pete campaigns like a rockstar.

8. Pete can bring in the Midwest and Swing States.

7. Pete can bring in conservative voters.

6. Pete balances Joe’s age with a youthful perspective on issues.

5. Women will have a significant place at the table with Joe & Pete.

Pete Buttigieg with Senior Comms Advisor Lis Smith

4. Having the first openly gay Vice President would be enormously historic and impactful.

3. Pete is an ideal “bromance” working partner for Biden.

2. Pete could be Joe’s last great contribution to American politics

1. Pete is ready to step into the presidency.



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