Has it been 30 days already?

5 take-aways and 3 questions after writing and publishing every day for 30 days.

When I set out to write a short essay every day for 30 days, there was one topic I wanted to avoid: the struggles and the process of writing itself. On day 30 I’ll break that rule to briefly reflect. And ask for your input.

So here are my 5 key take-aways:

  1. A new kind of curiosity
    I started to seeing things that I could write about everywhere. More things seemed intriguing. It added another lense to my view of life and sparked my curiosity.
  2. Daily sense of accomplishment
    To publish every day, so I had to finish an essay every morning. A nice daily accomplishment that let me start the day in a good mood.
  3. It didn’t get much easier (yet)
    I was hoping that it would. But so far, it’s only improving very slowly.
    However, I’m still optimistic that it will get better.
  4. More people read than react
    Did I write for the reactions? No. I had different reasons. But still, I looked at them. And there weren’t many. Yet many more people seemed to have read the essays. I had nice chats about them, new contact requests on LinkedIn triggered by the posts.
    Just something to keep in mind: not everyone likes the like button.

I plan to continue writing. Although it has been quite a struggle at times. But I also want to improve my writing. Therefore I ask for your feedback.

3 questions for your feedback

  1. One thing you liked
    If there is one, what is one thing you liked? About the writing, the topics, the fact that I’m popping up in your feed? If there is none, jump to the next question ;-)
  2. One thing you’d wish was different
    What one thing would I need to change, so you’d have a smile on my face whenever you spot another essays of mine? How could I help to improve your day?

Thanks a lot for reading and any feedback you might have. I’ll let you know when I reach 100 consecutive days ;-)

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