When it comes to COVID-19 recovery, women community leaders across the globe know the way forward.

Connecting women globally through technology is our best bet for a healthy post-pandemic future

Photo credit: DreamLover @ stocksy.com/2181788

Neema Namadamu, visionary leader from DR Congo and voice for peace, women, technology, the rights of nature and persons with disabilities. Photo by Paul Freedman.

This article is excerpted from newly released anthology, “A New Global Agenda: Priorities, Practices, and Pathways of the International Community,” engaging visionary thought leaders, advocates, and innovators spanning international policy, academia, private sector, and civil society to share their regenerative solutions for some of the most compelling issues of our time.

Jensine Larsen

Global Women’s Silence Breaker, Social Impact Leader, Digital Innovator, Speaker, World Pulse Founder

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