SAP hybris techné

User interface design guidelines and component library for modern mobile-first user experience design for Yaas.

Techné — Design Guidelines

Goal and Setup

Yaas, “Hybris as a service” — is an SAP Hybris micro-services cloud platform. The platform allows developers to write their UI components and modules to enrich the software. Different teams were working on the same software from various international locations but should provide the same user experience for customers. I was working as a user experience designer and product owner for SAP Hybris techné.

Techné — Design Guidelines

SAP Hybris techné enables a team to develop user interfaces for the software. Techné consists of documented design guidelines based on a modified twitter bootstrap component library.

Techné — Pattern Library

My Role

My role while working at SAP hybris in this project has been very diverse. From being a Product Owner plus User Experience Designer to an evangelist and part of the QA for the style guide for other teams.

  • As a Product Owner, I had the responsibility for prioritizing new features, writing user stories, reviewing them with the team consisting of frontend developers and designers.
  • As a UX Designer for the product team working on the Builder, the core user interface of, I was guiding the team to implement the interface alongside the overall user experience strategy.
  • In both roles, I was as well responsible for gathering feedback from other designers, that were working on core functionalities of the product. Making sure all were informed, aligned and committed has been crucial to making the product a success.
  • I documented the guidelines and wrote release notes for making sure our changes became transparent and understandable for everybody working on the project.
  • Evangelizing the product company-wide and presenting the results in software reviews
  • Being part of the Q&A Process for next releases
Techné —Templates

Learnings and Results

I had a great experience and learned a lot in a short period. Bringing together all the different stakeholder on one side, gathering insights from my fellow user experience designer, and evangelizing the component library throughout the company for various teams from Poland to the U.S. changed my view on distributed design systems, components, and standardized user interfaces.