Why invest in design?

Jens Wedin
Apr 5, 2018 · 1 min read

Why invest in design? I have heard this so many times, ”we do not need designers, we need developers/business analysts/testers”, ”how can design bring value to the bottom line?” or ”design is so fussy/vague/muzzy/add your word here”.

Here are some of the good arguments I use when I talk to the management and leaders.

  • Design makes you deliver 2X faster time-to-market (1)
  • Design reduce your development time with 33% (1)
  • Design driven companies outperform S&P by 211% over 10 years (2)
  • Design invested companies outperform competitors by two to one in growth. (6)
  • Design invested companies bring 6% higher return to shareholders. (6)
  • The ROI for investing in design is 301% (1)
  • Design bring value to the bottom line by increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce cost (4)
  • Design reduce risk by validating ideas earlier (4)
  • Design makes you develop less things and focus on the right ones (5)
  • Startups that fail mainly does it because of lack of empathy and understanding of the customer needs (5)
  • IBM, as an example increased their portfolio profitability with $18.6 million by design driven work (1)
  • happy and engaged colleagues (1)
  • A more unique value proposition and brand

So do you have any other good arguments and resources that I can add to the list?

(1) https://www.ibm.com/design/thinking/static/media/Enterprise-Design-Thinking-Report.8ab1e9e1.pdf

(2) http://www.dmi.org/?page=2015DVIandOTW

(3) https://www.cooper.com/journal/2017/6/what-is-the-roi-of-design

(4) https://mural.co/roi/

(5) https://www.forbes.com/sites/groupthink/2016/03/02/top-20-reasons-why-startups-fail-infographic/

(6) https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Business%20Functions/McKinsey%20Design/Our%20insights/The%20business%20value%20of%20design/The-business-value-of-design-vF.ashx

Jens Wedin

Written by

Design + Coaching + Transformation + Leadership @ Seventyone Consulting // Mostly in English // http://jenswedin.com

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