Hard pass on the Amazon Key package delivery

I’ve been an Amazonian for well over a decade — this company has no doubt made my life better.

While in college, I discovered arbitrage and bought/sold several copies of West’s Business Law to net a few hundred bucks.

(This was back when Amazon was known mostly as an online marketplace for used textbooks)

Between my husband and I, we’ve probably ordered hundreds of items with our Prime membership — which, might I add, really is the sh*t.

I’ve used Amazon Prime Now to order groceries when I was short on time.

Hell, we even bought our wedding rings off Amazon.

But I’m saying ‘no thanks’ to Amazon Key.


There are too many potential security and privacy risks for our household.

I love Amazon and all the company has done to improve my lifestyle and make it easier, but Jeff Bezos — I’m not giving you the key to my home.

Like any new form of technology, we always see glitches, bugs, hacks, and vulnerabilities.

How will Amazon stop a delivery person from casing a property and later telling an accomplice how to best rob it later? How will Amazon handle a home invasion that resulted from a security lapse? There are so many things that can go wrong in this scenario.

That’s not something I’m open to taking a chance on.

But I can credit Amazon with helping to prevent package theft at my own house.

How, you ask?

This sign displayed in our front window, purchased from… Amazon.

We really do have surveillance cameras installed, but this sign is a definite visual reminder to anyone who stops by.

Thanks, but no thanks Amazon!

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