How to Persuade a Trump Supporter to Reject and Resist Trumpism

I convinced an Evangelical Christian friend not to vote for Trump and she’s now so disgusted that she’s working on her circle of friends and family, who are all Trump voters. I was excited to send this article to her, but the passage, “Sadly, given the percentages of anti-vaxxers, young earth creationists, climate deniers, etc.” will undermine the document’s efficacy as she is a creationist. Doesn’t using these specific examples undermine the philosophy of this article, which is to identify with people, not to shame them for positions we disagree with? I am not a Christian and I’m definitely not a creationist. I avoid creationism when talking to her as we’re just never going to agree about that, but I do ask her a lot of questions like “does Trump seem like a Christian to you? Does Jesus advocate ‘hitting back ten times harder’? What is it about Trump that makes him the chosen standard bearer for your people?” etc. and we have really wonderful conversations. She is a lovely woman and she really does her best to live by Biblical principles. The fact that she came around and is now as passionately anti-Trump as I am gives me hope.

My question is, could you create a version of this article that could be passed on to Evangelical anti-Trumpers? I think this piece could truly move the needle if we can arm that group with this terrific and well-reasoned piece.

Thank you for this piece — I am sharing it with all of my lefty friends!

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