On white space…

I used to be scared of writing things down in a planner. Not because I don’t like to plan, but because I didn’t like to see the white space.

To me, the white space represented emptiness, nothingness. And I didn’t like ‘nothing’. I have this need to feel wanted. And busyness can make you feel wanted.

But at some point, dizziness becomes a distraction, and distractions will ultimately getting you nothing.

So this year I committed to having white space. I will not fill my days with dizziness. Each day will have a purpose. And each purpose, an intention.

So here it is:

my actual planner filled with white space.

It’s a good feeling.

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Hi, I’m Jenifer. I’m an award-winning brand strategist turned cofounder & CEO of ethnically-diverse #stockphoto marketplace colorstock. I was made in Detroit but I live on the internet.

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