Growing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Preparing employees for leadership is a very big task and one that deserves WAY more credit and much more support than it currently receives. You’re responsible for not only ensuring our future leaders know the functional and technical skills that are going to help them succeed but you’re also responsible for ensuring they learn, practice and maintain the leadership competencies (i.e. behaviors and traits) that make a good leader. Like I said — a very big task!

Here’s where life becomes challenging: while most leaders have the tools/resources to train their upcoming and emerging leaders the functional/technical knowledge and skills needed for their next role, there are many fewer resources to turn to when it comes to teaching the competencies and traits that a future leader will need in their next role. Leaders are pretty much on their own. And, don’t get me wrong, they are doing the very best they can — but, it’s not always enough.

The load leaves a heavy weight for many leaders to carry, especially if they have a desire to build great leaders and just do not have all the tools and resources to do it.

On the employee side, to become a successful leader, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of unlearning of habits and patterns that must happen, many of which have been developed since childhood and will not be easy to break. A few of the biggest competencies most, if not all, employees will need to develop in order to become a competent leader: confidence, resiliency, self-discipline, compassion. This is not an overnight process — growth in these areas take time.

Growing emotionally intelligent leaders is one of the great gifts you have been given as a leader. At least it is for me! We want to be able to see our “babies” leave the nest confidentially prepared for their new role. The unfortunate reality is that for most of us, releasing our babies into the wild feels less confident and a little more unnerving. Deep in our gut we know that an opportunity has been missed by not providing our emerging leaders with further support in growing their leadership competencies. We do the best we can — but can we do better?

Yes, I believe we can. Providing our emerging (and even current, let’s be honest!) with coaching as they progress down the leadership track will all but ensure you will be doing all you can to set the new leader up for success!

I’d love to connect with you to chat about the private coaching and personal development programs I provide for current and emerging leaders. My programs are customized in order to meet the emerging or current leader where they are at in their journey rather than providing an off-the-shelf option that misses the mark as to the specific needs of your leaders.

Click here to schedule a free call with me to learn more and to ask any questions you may have.




As a former HR leader turned Life Coach and Lifebook Leader, I will be sharing the wisdom I have learned on my long and winding path of personal enlightenment!

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Jen Trumm

Jen Trumm

As a former HR leader turned Life Coach and Lifebook Leader, I will be sharing the wisdom I have learned on my long and winding path of personal enlightenment!

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