what can you do with your life?

this is a blog about rediscovering the freedom of living.

a lot of times, you go through life being told what you can and cannot do. there is a structure of what you’re supposed to do and there is societal pressure of what others do and there are ideals of what is best for you to do, so you lose the creativity that comes with living and you go down the one given path without deeper though.

it’s a collection of things i have rediscovered that’s possible with life and things that i find the possibility of cool… like, oh shit i can actually make a shoe? i don’t have to go to the store and buy one? i can actually acquire leather and shoe materials and make a shoe?”

stuff like that. a bit of rediscovering the world.

disclaimer: a lot of what i find interesting is a product of the surroundings i grew up in: middle class, suburban america. if something i find very unique is completely common to you, that’s probably why. i think you’re cool though.