New Year’s Eve…and then some…

Oh, New Year’s Eve. So many good intentions are put out there…and by January 3rd (I may be reaching here), they are gone. Studies have shown for new behavior/habits to actually take hold, they have to be done steadily for a month. Now, I’m a creature of habit, so you’d think that would be easy for me. However, I’m also one of the most stubborn people you’ll ever meet and that does not equal easy changes. Especially when I like something…like Chik Fil A, wine and peanut butter.

But after a hellacious year (divorce, surgery, weight gain, family issues, work issues, shall I go on?…), I’ve decided that some positive changes are in order! So here, in writing so that I can be held accountable, are the positive changes I am aiming to make in my life this year:

  1. No More Hate That’s right! My year has been FULL of hate. Some of you may know that, some of you may not. But it has. I know in my head that hate really only hurts the person feeling it and, apparently, I am a glutton for punishment. I don’t want to hate anyone anymore…or even ever. So, using positive reinforcement (yes, you can use it on yourself! Hello, Coach bag!) and some mental exercises I have picked up throughout the year (you didn’t think I was just wallowing, did you?), and especially with God’s help, I will willingly change my mind and heart, turning them from hateful to peaceful. This isn’t just for my mind. It’s for my body, as well as relationships with other people. Hate permeates everything and can cause depression, anxiety and mood swings which affect your body and can affect your relationships with other people. I’m blessed with amazingly understanding family and friends. Have I lost some this year? Yep, it’s happened. Am I going to worry about it? Nope. I’m not.
  2. Getting Healthier Well, taking a big step on this path is getting past the hate. But that’s not all that needs to happen. I used to dance all the time. I used to love it! But I let things that have happened in the past couple years influence my love for it and even started to resent it. And in doing so, I stopped dancing. And guess what happened? Yup. The weight gain started. And it’s SO hard. I know I’m not the only one that, when getting off work, all you want to do is go home and plop on the couch and put Netflix on. Work tires you out, even though you may sit at a desk all day. But this has to change. I have to start moving more. I’m hoping to get back into dancing again. I’ve gotten an exercise ball and a fitbit. I’m going to look at my eating habits (who wants Hotbox??) and fix what needs to be fixed. This is the one I’m dreading the most (remember the stubborn thing? I can actually exasperate myself too).
  3. Living for Today So many times, we are worried about the future, retirement, what vacations we can take soon…and we rarely think that we may not even make it to tomorrow. I recently lost a friend, someone special, to a sudden heart attack. She was a year younger than me. Nothing shocks you more than when someone around your age suddenly dies. It brings a lot of things into focus. So I’m going to start living for today. Yes, I’m still contributing to my retirement fund. But I may never get there! I’m going to love today, try to bring joy to people today, try to make people smile or laugh today. I’m going to have that glass of wine, go out to that movie, order that pizza (only on an off day!). I’m going to volunteer at a food bank or mentor a young student. I’m going back to school for my Master’s. I’m going to find a church home, where I fit best. I’m going to let my family and friends know how much I love them. I’m going to stay in touch. I’m going to strive to be the best Me possible, the one that tries to live up to all the gifts God has granted me.

God bless you all in this new year! Peace and love and all of the above. :)