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The Algorithm Will Treat You This Way After 30 Days Of Publishing

We both know that hard work pays right?

Jeof Ogire🥇
2 min readSep 11, 2021


And publishing every day or regularly is hard work.

This is a manner every writer has been observing ever since the beginning of 2021. It had always been the other way round.

I used to see writers publish one story in a week and that was okay with Medium’s little algorithm by then.

But should you try that now, you won’t be very far away from doom.

This is what happens when you write and publish daily.

The best advice for all Medium writers right now is;- “write” and “write.”

Tags have now replaced the topics here on Medium which means you’re going to have deeply personalized experiences.

There have been over 100 topics for Medium readers to follow but most of them weren’t specific.

Wow! now with tags, you can own a personalized group of audience based on their granular interest. And you will have to put…



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