Making a stand on the Issue: Words of an sinner.

In English class we have watched a documentation about “Death Penalty” whether it should be back again to execute criminals or not.

My other classmates said that they do not agree to such brutal punishment, While the others approve for having death penalty back again. If you ask me whose side I am taking, I take both of them.

Why? well here’s a brief explanation for you.

First, I’ll slap you with realization so much that’ll wake you up in reality (I would slap myself too because I agreed to this). I suggest we look up at the ten commandments first. Look at the sixth commandment.

Thou shalt not kill. We aren’t supposed to kill a person. But when we’re clouded with wrath, we surely forget that and let the evil spirit posses us.
Do not let that evil spirit manipulate your whole mind and body.

And remember we don’t have the right to kill someone, all of us are sinners too. We are dirty, we have done somethings that are unforgivable,but God always forgives us for our sins when we are truly sorry for what we’ve done.

Remember that.

Second, I agree for having the death penalty back again. I mean why not? right?. Please hear me out first, this might be a little disturbing but, hey, it’s life. I hate rapists they’re disgusting. Raping your own c***d is unforgivable, and rapists like you should die, for destroying innocent minds. You all should go to hell. Death penalty sounds good, right?. When you commit such grievous crime and go to jail, and there, you would deeply regret at what you’ve done. You don’t deserve for getting locked up in the jail for the rest of your life, you should die and go to hell. (I’m very sorry for saying bad words but I want to express my feelings badly.)

To be honest, there’s this man, he is a criminal. He is going to be executed back in the past when the death penalty is still there. The criminal wrote a short letter before he dies. (I can’t exactly remember his letter) “You would never see a rich person inside a jail, only the poor ones are inside.”
Well well well, isn’t that right?

Actually, this makes me a hypocrite…I mean aren’t we all?…
I’m a sinner and your a sinner as well.


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