My first Twitter chat: #HootChat

On Thursday at 3 p.m., I joined a Twitter chat for Hootsuite. It was my first Twitter chat. The chat was called #HootChat and featured Mediative. The topic for the chat was “Social Ads”, specifically Twitter ads. I used the application of TweetChat to join the chat easily. Right at 3 p.m., everyone started to join the chat and introducing themselves. I introduced myself and I waited for the first question. Even though TweetChat was showing the live stream, I still had to click refresh to load everyone’s tweets and responses. After introductions, the questions started. Here are four out of the eight questions:

Q1: “Why are brands focusing more on paid social?”

A1: Paid social would be seen more because they are boosted and promoted more on people’s newsfeed. Mediative said “Brands are seeing increased performance beyond just engagement that drives real value & ROI.”

Q2: “What are the benefits of paid ads on Twitter?”

A2: The benefits are to create an impact with a few words and/or with a picture. Mediative said “Paid ads are great way to connect & expand your target audience, grab user’s attention, increase loyalty, engagement & leads.”

Q3: “What are your favorite Twitter ad types? Promoted tweets, promoted trends…?”

A3: I really liked user ksschout’s answer: “Promoted trends are interesting because it plants the seed for individuals to begin tweeting about the given topic.”

Mediative’s A3

Q4: “What kind of posts should you be promoting?”

A4: Promote posts that interest you or are relevant to your target audience. Mediative said “Any content that you know is important to your target audience and aligns with your business goals, i.e. product releases, offers, contests, special events, content promotion, customer & brand stories, app downloads…”

To see more of Mediative’s answers from the Twitter chat, check out their Twitter feed @Mediative.

I think that Twitter chat is a bit hard and overwhelming to use at first. It takes a few tries to get used to it. The live stream of tweets from lots of people made it hard to find the question or read other people’s posts. After tweeting a few posts, I got used to the chat. Overall, my first time in a Twitter chat was an exciting experience. I got to learn more about Twitter ads and see people’s thoughts about it. I also learned that Twitter chat is a great platform to connect with others and to discuss a topic live.

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