It’s not people fault that you (random person) have a (sh#*ty) bad job

This idea came to me hours ago when I entered in a KFC restaurant and the employees were as happy as Bob Kelso… You remember him, right?

Bob Kelso — Scrubs

Their mood was so down that the food wasn’t prepared well. I know people has responsibilities and not everyone has a cool job, But for God’s Sake! Do your work well.

I’m not saying that you have to smile all the time and be a complete hypocrite, but at least behave as a good worker and do your job as you’re told. It’s not {customers/clients/other people you want to add here} fault that you are there in that job you hate thinking in several ways to kill your boss. They are paying for the service that You offer, and You must attend your {customers/clients/other people you want to add here} because that is your job.

C’mon, this is the 21th Century! You have the power to become a better person and have a better job if you work hard and really want to do it. Working hard doesn’t mean suffering while behaving as Bob Kelso to everyone else.

If you don’t like what you’re doing, then work hard to change that. If you don’t want to change that, then Do not work at all!

Thank You!

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