The ‘Table Face’ People

There are different types of people in the World: good, bad, cruel, kind, responsible, etc… Of course, You already knew that.. But today I will focus on one type.. the ‘TableFace’ one.

¿What is ‘Table Face’ anyway?

There is a type of person that do something bad, knows that is doing something bad and it tries to go unnoticed. Or maybe someone who did a very bad job and blames another person or thing knowing that he (and everyone else) knows the truth. When this person do this, his face adopts an expression very similar to the ‘Poker Face’ meme:

Poker Face

In my country (Venezuela) we call this type of people “Cara de Tabla”, which could be translated to ‘Table Face’:

Jhonny’s friend Plank from Ed, Edd & Eddy.

I see these people almost every single day and I still don’t understand what could have been wrong with them at their childhood. Maybe there was something wrong with their parents or they took a very good blow on their head.

How can we expect to improve as a country when almost the 70% of the population are Table Face? You could say them “Hey! There is a line to board the train” when this person is walking aside of the line and getting to the door. He/She could:

  • Not listen.
  • Listen to you but pretend it didn’t.
  • Listen to you, turn his/her look to you and make the Table Face expression.
  • Turn around to you and shoot you with a gun.
  • Turn around and say “Hail Chávez”

Yeah… Those are the top 5 possibilities that could happen here in Venezuela.

Can these people be saved?

Well, I know this is not the right question but I can trust you can understand me, right? If these people are young (16–25) there is a chance that they could think about their actions and say “You’re Right man.. Sorry!”. But when the ages are from 25-Death the chance gets lower and lower. The chance could be 0%

I hope the young people gain conscience and stop being jerks with the rest of the society…

Best Regards World!


I know that “Plank” would fit perfect to this, but I prefer to use “table” because I want to push that message!

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