Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

Ahahahahaaa! I needed a good laugh, thanks! 
But seriously, that kind of ignorant, pandering, pathetic rant/curse is exactly why the Democratic party and it’s die-hard Hillary-supporters are a lost cause. Shrieking “eat 2 dicks” at those who supported Bernie (the only decent chance at beating Chump) is not only driving sensible voters away, but it also exemplifies the true nature of those too stupid to admit they are paying the price for proudly supporting the establishment warhawk corporate puppet.

We warned you for months.

You watched (and even cheered) as the primary was stolen.

You ignored the wikileaks evidence showing DNC corruption/collusion.

This kind of idiocy is why I have given up on the ignorant American public completely. You got exactly what you deserved. Too bad we all now have to pay for your ongoing self-righteous lunacy.

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