The concept and generalization of the world “sex” seems to elude me, my first thought being “It’s the norm in this modern age.”
 But it is really?
 What happens after sex? Does it take a part of you? Do you feel different afterwards?
 Given opportunities missed and flirtatious advances towards the opposite gender seems to work. Yet when it’s time to partake in the ritual, my emotions always seem to get the best of me.
 Wanting to get over this feeling, turning to a stranger seems to be the only option available but it doesn’t sit well with me. My soul pesters for something more
 This isn’t something to be rushed or done in haste.
 Yet when my age and status are talked about, shame seems to come over me.
 “Maybe if I do it, I will know what all the fuss is all about?” I say. However, deep thoughts and factual thinking make me realize that maybe the wait is worth it. Sex shouldn’t be regretted, abused or taken for granted; it should be a thing of joy and fond recollection.
 It is a fusion of two souls.
 It is a Soul giving.