I miss you is what I want to say? I came across one of our old messages today I wanted to call and tell you.

We started out as friends but grew into something more, it seems you moved on without me, you were my first, I wish you were my last.

Remember when we talked about getting married on that long road towards school, I could see the big smile on your face; I always wanted it to be there.

You had planned everything out, a black diamond ring is what you wanted, you were always different, I was your audience, anything to make you happy, I Had said.

Even as I write this, I know you can’t see the tear drops on the pages, I wish you could so you could know that I still miss you

I had to leave you, furthering my education away from you, missed phone calls and uncalled arguments became frequent, blaming you for everything that happened ,

Still you didn’t leave, me being happy was your number one priority , another female came into the scene my friends urged me to forget you and move on, you were far from me they said, but all I could say to them was ‘’we been through a lot’’ instead of I love you

In order to do so I tried to convince myself it was lust I felt for you and not love.

That night you cried as you leaned on my shoulders, I had never seen you shed a tear; I didn’t know what to do? But I knew there was no other place I would rather be, hating to admit it, but I was always the emotional one between us

We had a fight, we screamed and yelled, we didn’t talk for days

Then one night you called, it didn’t seem right, more awkward than normal

Time passes, we forget each other, I still check your timeline looking at recent posts, forgive my obsession you seem happier maybe we didn’t make mistake leaving each other

But it’s a phase, one I needed to go through

If I could see you now, I would hug you and say “thank you”’.