How I Became a Minimal?

On a lazy afternoon I was looking at the shoe boxes I have bought for the past months, thinking how will I wear such a lot of shoes. I can’t say that I am a sneaker head but I want to back then. bought a lot from basketball shoes, training, or even lifestyle kind of shoes.

I am a father, I have one kid. I am working as nurse in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am away from my family, they were in the Philippines, and that was one of the reason why I was addicted on buying shoes. It makes me happy, the feeling of having a new one every now and then. A hobby that takes away the feeling of being homesick even just for a while.

Three years have passed, I begun selling my beloved pairs one by one, reason? Financially I need to. My son is growing up and the needs also. I sold every single pair I have leaving just one pair for my everyday use. I felt bad at first realizing that every shoe I have before was all gone, but at the end of the day I felt relieved for the reason that I can provide financially from it for my kid.

One day, while I was browsing videos in YouTube, I came to see a video regarding minimalism. That vlogger is Rachel Aust from Australia. She has a lot video regarding minimalism. She has a lot of tutorials how to get rid things that isn’t necessary, what things you should have, having the things you only need. From fashion, lifestyle, fitness,diet, home, everything about minimalism. I was inspired with her and started watching and reading other peoples articles regarding minimalism.

“I felt relieved for the reason that I can
provide financially from it for my kid.”

I started what I have learned from all the videos and articles, I sold all the things that I think is not necessary like pants, clothes, gadgets. With the money I got from all of those, I bought two pairs of pants and 5 t-shirts which is black and white.

I felt I was reborn, I felt I was a new person. It felt so light realizing that you don’t need a lot of things in your life. It helps me a lot especially financially and emotionally. Minimalism makes me a better person, I am now smarter on buying things.