How can a student socialize if this student is loaded through studies or even sports?.

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We all know studies can be the goal of a student to prove their selves that they are worthy in this world.This is my first writing in Medium.To get the diploma and make it as a gift and give it to their parents.

In sports still its they same as studies, but it engage a lot of people to socialize… The question is how can they socialize properly to these people. What is socialism for these student.

I interviewed around 3 person. These 3 person where around in my chat box so I rather asked them than making my own answers right?

First person whose name is Krizza M. the question is the same as the my header. Her answer is concise because of its experience. Interview answer.

“ Actually they socialize student through studies and sports because it allows the student to engage into an activity while sharing common interests with their peers smile emoticon.” she put a smile on it.

Second is Angelica Larrazabal who experience now scoliosis.

“ It’s easy for me to socialize even though Im busy with my school activities because I value the people in my surroundings. 
 I always give my time to them because for me they are my stress reliever.Even though I experience the pain in my body I still managed my time well. I always plan ahead
All things can be done through plans.” she even answered it fast.

The third who is more engage in school activities she is Lynell Tobe.

“You can even socialize student even you are loaded in your or even my studies or even my sports but it depends to the student because its not always that we can socialize student remember our junior high days?
 Yes a student like us shoud manage his or her time even we had a sleepless night to do things.A people who is open can easily socialize people through its environment.” she even added me thank you for the question.”

The door is open to everyone. We can socialize people because of the environment we have now. We are now in the 21st century facing new technologies. So now its easy for us to socialize people through technology or even in school projects.