Time to enable others like you enabled me

From day one, my vision was to give people all over the world access to sport. Truth be told it wasn’t anything I believed in.

Your support changed that.

Now it is all I can think of. The past months have been a lot of tinkering about how I can uplift more kids with the power of sport.

At the same time awesome people began to tell me about their dreams and projects.

My aim is to enable these dreams become realities, like you helped my dream, in a sustainable way. More on that later.

Here is the story about Buntu Matole, who want to stop kids fighting in the townships of Cape Town.

Entering Buntu

Buntu knows the power of sport deeply. He grew up playing lots of different disciplines, but fell in love with basketball and ended up practicing at a high level.

His success today is due to the skills he learned through basketball, he says. It wasn’t just playing — the expertise he cultivated went beyond sports.

Sports kept him away from drugs, it helped him grow his network and empowered him to do good things with his life. Sport kept him growing and away from problems.

That is the reason why Buntu thinks that now everyone can make something of themselves if they have access to empowering tools, such as sport.

Help your own

When he was a part of The Raymond Ackermen Academy, Buntu heard in the news about how kids from Khayelitsha were fighting each other.

How can we eliminate this?”, he thought. It came natural to him, as his upbringing was in this township and at the school where the fighting happened; the same place where he still lives today with his parents.

That was how his organisation Sporting Code came together. They create sport tournaments, educational trips and coaching clinics, so communities can connect through sports.

Picture from one of their tournaments

They have done these events with huge success, but now Sporting Code are dreaming bigger. Now they want to make sport facilities, as the kids in the townships don’t have any public parks or places to play (sounds familiar?).

They want to build a sport complex that includes two 5v5 football fields, one netball court and one basketball court. This will give Sporting Code the essentials to create a positive sport ecosystem. A place where the lives of thousands of kids can be improved and create great experiences.

Sport is for everyone

It takes a village to raise a child

This proverb says that children are a blessing from God for the whole community. He knows that child upbringing is a community effort — and the same goes to realize this dream.

He can’t do this alone. He wants the entire township involved, he wants local organization involved, he wants you and me involved.

Cooperation between continents is necessary in order to create change in less developed parts of the world. Sport is a universal language that we all understand and know the power of.

The Archbishop John Sentamu stated:

“As It takes a whole village to raise a child so it takes the whole global village to eradicate poverty. It starts with each of us personally”.

It is time to go beyond Pacayita. That is why PinoleroGO will change direction and start to help other parts of the world.

Let’s help Buntu raise this child of his and spread the power of sport to Cape Town.

Buntu’s campaign will be launched in the near future. Until then you can share this article with your peers who can aid Buntu’s project. You can like and get in contact with Buntu through Sporting Code’s facebook page or write me a message on my facebook page.

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