Hell I mean, did anybody just juice their head; fractal analysis of Maya calendar

here´s how (cited from My blood is in this pen — fractalism)

Another angle is that individualism and rationalism are twin brothers, and how one of them has to die to save the other (this ´choice´ is the paradox we are in, and we may solve it yet)

This is an old problem in anthropology — I wonder why the moon and the sun are brother among the Aztec — and how, or why, incidentally the myth is popping up at the death of Aztec society (death here implies slow already started, process of civilisational decline)

Now if I am not misinformed cybernetics holds a clue here to the COMPLETE picture or of our dilemma — both personally and at the “pump” (i.e. in the real macro world of income — Western culture´s metaphysical core). Patterns. And it is all there to behold, and it is NOT black magic, although to some it will seem to be just that. To me oil is the magic, and we all know the colour of it. I am a scientist in the sense that I believe in science, fervently.

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