Psychohistorical concepts

This exposure of modern life will fall into three parts — the one evolving into the other. Craniometric positions N/A

Transition Venn-slice 1b

Privateness (superstable non-transitory)

(P)Sometimes described as the p-class persona. The middle ages was the die-off of organising this personality type in psychostoric history, this is the stable character which always wins out, and is 90 percent of all planetary set-up, controlled for time. Ordered universe. Hierarchic. At the thirty per cent threshold this type is considered class-like, at below levels this type is an emergent marxian class, above levels this type is a classification and not an m-class, but easily evolves into the s-type.


Transition Venn-slice 2a

Sidedness (unstable)

(S)This s-type of persona is the character inbound. Yes, you live in a magical forest-ex the milk-shake, the phone bill etc. Wait a minute. It implies defining others as magical forest people, it is mostly financed by over-consumption of energy resources-blinding the persona to real world facts-sidedness is developed as a mass-phenomena, but on certain conditions, and will have a following under certain given boundary conditions. Results are, Personae of the two other types are crowded out. This persona is a middle-form of the duality. Consumer-logicity, chaotic universe. Bourgeois heaven. Quasi-stability may be achieved through artifice, in the thirty to fifty per cent range. At levels above seventy the self-deterioration starts, a cycle defunctioning referred to as schumpeter-like.


Transition Venn-slice 2b

Counter-weightedness (uncommon)

(C ) Light inter-activity. Some societies achieve a 30 per cent realisation, the maximum has been 34.2 at Alteria 34, and held for four Earth years (3.7 to be exact). This is the persona which truely understands, and puts pressure on the other only if planetary balances intervene— the serene, if impossible state which Plato achieved in his inbound persona, the contagion and re-production of the c-class was muted by Alexander (the great wood-destroyer). Flux, duality reigns supreme. Fall-out of bed logic withheld and sustained. Grug-abuse.

Trasition Venn-slice 1a

The fixation-points of said scheme is the three estates of Mediaeval thought, but in which the fighting estate has been replaced, and omitted by the base-case; not the children of the earth as Erasmus commenting on the wars of men saw fit to describe them, but as makers and producers. To use older expression HOMO FABER. Now just fill in appropriate technical details on your approximate diffusive being, and submit to local N.P. your success is certain. Modern life lacks whiteness and approbium of slip-slidedness, slyness and seepage.

If only WE could smell that rarefied air of before the Climate wars, we can atleast take a archival and digital peek at what once was high-class society.

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