The nutty economy — Europe returns

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Many people speak of liquidity problems in the Westasian markets, meaning moves are less coordinated between the asset classes, they can build up somewhere but cannot get out of them (i.e. assets as in e.g. stocks).

Water companies have had a good year, but that 5 year monsoon is building out at sea, fisheries are doing fine so far, but as we all know they will have to pull back operations as windspeeds are mounting (as they tend to in a 7 year cycle, we are at 4) and reconsolidate. Nuts will do fine in the coming years, we expect 20% topline growth over this next year. Undertakers are mostly in Europe for this year and will stay at a steady and healthy 2 percent growth-level, God knows where they will go next. Cities are improving but, renewal and deconstrution is still a big winner in Westasia as populations there have receded for only three years, but Europe is leaving the death-cycle slowly and so can profit increasingly from its deconstruction sector and as a consequence sub-deconstruction companies throughout the area have a hard time as nutty times are ahead. Bottelli´s was a great stock in 34´, now I am placing my bets on other European firms at the epi-center of Europe´s renewal. It must be said Bottelli which sells at 3 rubels now, is a safe bet, but it´s comittment to off-shore makes it stale for two more years atleast.

PLUTO the Growth and Development Corporation of Moscow

Planetologists talk (we did not bribe him!) Pluto shines!

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