What AI Can (And Cannot) Do For You
Robina Maharjan

Not that this is the point of your piece, but … x.ai seems like a totally unnecessary use of AI. I mean, it’s cool, yes — I just checked out the website, and it’s a pretty impressive tool — but this doesn’t seem like a victory to me:

I scheduled a dummy meeting with my colleague. BOOM — the first meeting was setup in 3 conversations. Impressive!

HubSpot, Calendly, and others have a more elegant solution: just let people book time directly on your calendar. That eliminates the back-and-forth altogether, so the meeting gets booked faster and with simpler coding.

AI seems like overkill, here. One of those when-you-have-a-hammer-everything-looks-like-a-nail deals.

x.ai — am I missing something?

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