Kyle Jepson

This is super helpful — thanks!

Some follow-up questions (if you’re up for it):

  1. With Amy, don’t guests end up “submitting to your schedule” anyway? Or does she have the ability to move/cancel existing meetings, also? Some of my meetings are easily rescheduled (or just placeholders that don’t really matter) — if Amy could understand that, that’d be amazing!
  2. Does Amy learn preferences by looking at historic data on the calendar, or do you have to go through, like, a training phase, where you cc her as you schedule your own meetings?
  3. This is a huge selling point. Really can’t think of a thing to say against this :)
  4. No doubt it’s a very useful tool. My main question was whether AI was the best way to solve the problem. You make some pretty compelling arguments that it is, but my main rebuttal is that your guest still has to endure the email back-and-forth to get something scheduled, where other solutions would allow them to avoid that completely. Seems like Amy is great for the customer, but less great for the customer’s guests.


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