There’s nothing more about than having grit in life, whether we’re talking about your personal or business life.

In forming my team and working on my first venture, I have learned the importance of grit.

You must do whatever it takes to not burn out and never give up. This means practicing self-care and self-love on a daily basis.

I have carefully logged my eating, sleeping, exercising, socializing, and book reading patterns. I have optimized my sleep so that I get around somewhere around 8.75 to 9.25 hours of sleep every night. I exercise somewhere around 5–7 days per week, depending on how busy my schedule is. I make it a priority to exercise almost every day, because I know that it affects my productivity, energy, and happiness.

It ultimately affects everything in my business and personal life. And it ultimately leads me to feeling optimistic and having tons of grit. I wake up every day on cloud nine, ready to crush it, and telling myself that I deserve the best.

In facing daily challenges, it’s important to not run away at the first challenge or sign of trouble. I’ve developed a thick skin towards hard situations and often laugh them off now.

Here are some challenges I’ve faced in the past few months that have helped me develop even more grit than I have already:

  • Close friends moving away
  • Major clients leaving
  • Friend unexpectedly betraying you because of perceived success
  • Family and personal issues
  • Stress from over scheduling, overeating, and reciprocal determinism

Before, I used to be very stressed from all of these issues, and would turn to my close friends stressing about it. Now, I feel very detached towards these issues and accepted them as a part of life. I don’t run anywhere, and have certainly not given up on my dreams or any of my ventures. In fact, my life has been progressing more than ever as a result of grit, and I would argue that this is a trait that I look for most in befriending others or working with in business.

In the past 3 months, I have progressed in the following areas:

  • My business has grown by $65K in revenue in the past few weeks. Though we have been lingering in the low six figures in revenue, our margins have also increased, meaning that our take home is much higher than before. By next week, I expect to close another $90K of revenue.
  • My sleep schedule has been refined and I no longer feel tired on a daily basis.
  • I have cut out all toxic people out of my life. I feel free and not judged. My true friends have stood by my side and I have seen the true colors of everyone through everything I have been recently through. I feel happier than ever.
  • I have found who my true friends are.
  • I have made more friends than I did in previous years and met very cool and interesting people. I recently met the CEO of Boba Guys. Our company has a partnership with Crepevine which is one of the largest restaurant groups in SF Bay Area.
  • I have made time to work on other parts of my life such as exercise. I lift 4–5 times per week and cycle 4–5 times per week. I hike, dance, and working on making house music.
  • I listen to house music 10 hours a day and feel happy doing so.

So, when you hear a friend that’s unwilling to do even the smallest thing for you, or see someone run away from a situation that is not even difficult, think about how much grit s/he has. Consider whether s/he has a long-term vision or goal that s/he wants to achieve.

I certainly have a long-term vision that transcends these small issues, and can’t wait to share it all with you. Here’s to growing — here’s to getting more gritty.

— Jer