Tangram Vision started our mission to make integrating and deploying multi-sensor applications easy in 2020. While starting a new venture is invariably hard, the pandemic has changed many of the ways in which we all work. Notably, our engineering team has been working fully remote from the very beginning. There are a lot of ways in which remote collaboration is made possible, from various tools to the way one’s team interacts. In particular, our engineering team has placed GitLab at the core of our remote workflow, because it reinforces our values and perspectives around working well remotely.

Photo by Nail Gilfanov on Unsplash

Aspects of Success When Working Remote

“Working remote” is…

Editor’s note: Medium does not support LaTex, a common tool for displaying mathematical notations, formulas and equations in documents like webpages. Therefore, we have done our best to work within the constraints of Medium to display proper math. You’ll find a few hacks here and there throughout this tutorial, but if anything is unclear, please post your questions as a comment and we’ll reply to help clarify.

April 2021 Update: We have written Part II of this series, where we explore coordinate frames for 3D systems. Part II is here, at the new Tangram Visions blog.

Multi-sensor systems are becoming…

Jeremy Steward

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