How to Claim your Free NSM Token….Thank You

Today is Thanksgiving in America.

It’s a wonderful holiday that most Americans celebrate.

Despite all the challenges we face, there is much for which we should be grateful.

I am grateful for you, a reader of this blog.

Which is why I would like to do something very small to acknowledge the important role you play in helping me.

You can claim your souvenir NSM blog token (for the next 72 hours) and we will send it to your ERC-20 compliant Ethereum wallet (no exchanges).

It’s has no monetary value and no utility. It’s a souvenir.

But, heck, you have one and others don’t, right?

You can fill out the claim form below or follow this link.

So, thank you for pushing me to be better, contributing, reading, and for being intellectually curious about the world of blockchain+marketing.

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