Internet of People Marketing Strategies

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This is the next post in a series that describes the marketing efforts of the Internet of People project.

Previously, we looked at Objectives and Goals. In this post, we explore possible strategies to implement.

TL;DR version

Here is a high level marketing strategy map. You can see the actual drawing at this link

Deep Dive

Ideally, all of our day-to-day efforts (the things that we actually do) should roll up nicely into the strategies, which drive the measurable goals which are the indicators of whether we have accomplished our objectives or not.

A Word On Objectives

In past posts, I shared that marketing objectives can be bucketed as Awareness, Perception, and Leads. Perhaps because I read too many marketing articles, I tried to give each high level a simple, memorable concept that will allow everyone to understand what we are trying to do.

  1. “Movement” — Fermat is more than a project, it’s a movement of like-minded people who share a common belief about people being more important than entities and the need for decentralization.
  2. “Momentum” — More and more people and projects are joining the movement which means it’s a great investment for people who are looking for returns.
  3. “Market” — More than a speculative investment that will fizzle out, IOP offers real value to businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Goals are pretty self-explanatory.

So let’s get to the Strategies and the thinking behind them. Keep in mind, this is the first iteration, so we’ll have to evolve them.

Objective 1: “Movement” (aka global community of communities)

The question I was asking myself was “what can and should we do to drive one of the world’s strongest communities of believers in decentralization?”

Strategy 1: Become a “Brand” Recognized for Decentralized Innovation

I’ll admit that this is a concept I’m trying to figure out myself, but here’s the thinking.

Luis’ post on “Fermat Projects” offered his thoughts on what makes a “Fermat project” and what doesn’t. It needs clarity, but it’s a cool concept. I know that Daniel Jeffries is working on something like this and believes that there’s a coming age of unification (not centralization) among decentralized projects.

It’s not that we’re exclusionary nor is it a recognized standard, it’s that we’re principled and being known as a “Fermat project” within the community is a sign that a project, like PIVX, for example, shares an overlapping set of core values.

Ideally, Fermat is recognized (as Julian says), “an alliance of projects that share similar values.”

As he wrote, “The Internet of People is a technology infrastructure, a platform for developing apps that will connect people in a different way and enable the person to person economy.”

And, ideally, those two connect. The communities that are connected with “Fermat” support the Internet of People and vice versa.

So, Cicada or the Personal Data Locker would be two, along with PIVX.

Imagine 20, 200, or 2000 projects readily and openly declaring that they support the “Fermat network of projects” (or whatever terminology it uses) as a network of networks.

For us, we’ll need to figure out how to make membership desirable and noteworthy. That’s where the tactics come in.

I suspect it will come from us working hard to promote and support those projects that receive the recognition and simultaneously maintaining the standards so that the brand designation starts to stand for something.

Possible Tactics 
(this is where anyone can submit a Contribution Contract)

  1. 2–3 videos per month that tell the story of IOP in a compelling and powerful way (think about how effective Amanda B. Johnson is for Dash)
  2. Major love to the existing Chapter community that Sarah is already doing.
  3. 1 study per month (or per quarter or some timeframe) from the IOP Consortium with data that offers quantitative evidence of the value of being a “Fermat Project” [led by Daniel]
  4. Updating our website to show all of the Fermat projects out there, with testimonial videos from the leaders of those projects [led by Bence]
  5. 1 press release per month that announce new Fermat projects on a monthly basis
  6. “Field evangelism” in which existing Fermat members authentically and genuinely introduce themselves to other communities (via Slack, etc.), demonstrate their knowledge and passion for the cause, and explain the vision of the Fermat brand as a unifying force. It’s my understanding that some of this is already happening.
  7. Blog posts and whitepapers showing how each Fermat Project builds off and supports the growth of other Fermat Projects. (Tom is great at this)
  8. Build a decentralized “Slack Killer” that appeals to everyone who is tired of the 10k message limit
  9. YOUR IDEAS…..

Action requested:

  1. Share your ideas for tactics that you think may work.
  2. Go do them

Strategy 2: “You Belong Here”

I’m excited that @julian is already off and running with this as the person who will “own” this effort. You can read his draft here. It’s an incredibly strong start.

Essentially, the way we are looking at this is that there are a ton of really, really smart people out there like Daniel Jeffries and David Siegel who are already thinking about the same issues that Fermat/IOP folks have been thinking about.

What I believe Dan and David have recognized is that being a member of Fermat is actually a way to advance their visions even more rapidly. Matias and Brian know this as well.

Essentially, we are stronger together.

With so much noise in the marketplace and a lot of people who are just after a quick buck/BTC, aligning interests and efforts is a smart move.

So it’s a sense of “you belong here” not in a commanding way, but more in the sense of “hey, brother/sister, we’re just like you and we can all help each other. We’ll hope you join us.”

Possible Tactics

There are a lot of them, but go check out Julian’s effort. He’s demonstrating great leadership.

Objective 2: “Momentum”

Strategy 1: “Runs on IOP”

Let’s face it. There’s a ton of noise, confusion, bullshit, and straight out deception in the “crypto/decentralized’ industry now. We want and need to differentiate by demonstrating that we are not “vaporware” and that real businesses and projects are being impacted by the Internet of People.

To that end, I’m borrowing the “Runs SAP” idea here. As each “Fermat Project” comes onboard, it will hopefully leverage/adopt IOP as its infrastructure. That, combined with businesses that choose to migrate all or part of their efforts to us (even if it’s only a commitment at first) provides us with “meat” (I’m vegetarian, but you get the idea). This separates us and shows that we’re not just an idea or just a proof of concept. It shows that we’re really making an impact because businesses are adopting.

Possible Tactics

  1. A monthly email/social nurture program to investors that updates them on IOP adoption
  2. A page on the website listing all companies and projects that are “running on IOP”
  3. Case study profiles (like the one Tom has written, which is GREAT) about the companies that choose IOP
  4. Video testimonials from entrepreneurs that choose IOP
  5. Video testimonials from projects that choose IOP
  6. Monthly press release and outreach highlighting adoption
  7. Monthly blog posts by Fermat project members celebrating additional members and sharing IOP adoption stories, benefits. (Daniel, David, Luis, Tom, Julian, etc.)
  8. Articles placed in industry publications such as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, etc. (Wachsman), written by Dan, David, Luis, and others…
  9. Build a mailing list of “Fans of IOP” who want to stay connected to developments and are potential ICO investors.
  10. Do a Token sale after we have 2 named investors and 1 named company….that will take us to stratospheric levels.
  11. Of course, we can just hype an ICO and just raise a crapload of money in 15 minutes
  12. Your ideas here…

Strategy 2: “Smart Money”

We need to find a minimum of 2 high profile, respected crypto-investors who invest in the project and have them state so publicly so we can leverage that fact to other investors. As in, “the smart money” is investing in IOP tokens.

Possible Tactics

  1. Get 25 meetings with investors Consensus in NYC in May so Lan can explain why she invested (Jeremy and Wachsman)
  2. Prepare a “road show” deck and talk track (Jeremy)
  3. Secure 10–15 video meetings between Luis and top-tier investors/analysts (Jeremy)
  4. Brief 10 analysts on what he sees
  5. Your ideas…

Objective 3: “Market”

Strategy 1: “Practical and Principled”

IOP doesn’t force you to choose between your beliefs (need/desire for decentralization) and running your business (it makes economic sense). We are looking for people (like Adam) who are both. As more people like Adam choose IOP, it reinforces Objectives 1 and 2.

Possible Tactics

  1. Activate the community by creating a “Wanted” type profile of who we are looking for.
    Absolutely critical here to uncover the right type of entrepreneurs
  2. Improve website to show a landing page that is focused on business use cases
  3. Videos about the potential of the infrastructure and how it lowers costs while being true to principles of decentralization
  4. PDF (similar to the story of Fermat that Tom is writing) that connects emotionally with entrepreneurs
  5. PDF that highlights “benefits to your business of moving to IOP”
  6. PR outreach to publications that serve small and medium sized business executives running digital-first business.
  7. A video that helps these type of business owners recognize that they don’t need to compromise their values for their business. (While this example is intentionally dramatic, it talks to its intended audience very well)
  8. 1 study per month (or per quarter) from the IOP Consortium with data that offers quantitative evidence of the value of moving to IOP [led by Daniel]
  9. Other ideas…

Strategy 2: “Frictionless Migration” (or “as frictionless a migration as possible”)

Of all of the strategies, this is probably the one I am least confident in right now so it’s possible that we’ll need to re-think it.

Ultimately, though are entrepreneur targets are principled about decentralization, they are pragmatic in that they won’t spend unlimited amounts of time moving any/part of their business to IOP, so we need to create as seamless a path to migration as possible.

Maybe that’s a better term for it? Seamless.

This is really about the development of the technology and how adaptable it is to existing systems.

Possible Tactics:

  1. Videos about how you “get started with IOP”
  2. IOP “quick start” PDF
  3. Technical FAQ
  4. Others? Your ideas?

Next Steps…

Building solid strategies takes time. It is usually more than a day so be prepared for this to change. What’s more, it will only get better with your input, advice, criticism.

It’s all about the mission, so don’t worry about my ego (not that you would).

So, please…share your feedback.

And just for fun…here’s my whiteboard on which I have been working prior to writing this post.