IOP Marketing Objectives

Last week, we had an overview of the overall IOP Marketing Roadmap.

This time, I’d like to start exploring the highest-level Marketing objectives.

We’ll also investigate which goals will be the true indicators that we have reached our objectives.

Ready? Good. Let’s go.

We want to identify our objectives for Awareness, Perception, and Leads.

[Leads would be those who indicate an initial interest in ‘buying’ the IOP concept (not necessarily the token) in whatever form “buying” means for them. See previous definition.

So, let’s think about this…What do we need to accomplish our goal of a future where people are more important than machines, companies, or nation-states?

It Starts With Community

Well, for one, we need to find and cultivate the people who already believe what we believe. It’s really difficult to convince people who aren’t ready to be convinced of the rightness of your vision.

But what about people who feel the same way that we do, but just don’t know that IOP is the way to help them realize that vision?

We need to find them (first), cultivate a deep relationship with them (second), and activate them to go out and find more true believers.

There is NO way that this project survives or thrives without a strong, vibrant, and committed community of local Fermat chapters. I’d almost say that, “if you’re not passionate, we don’t want you.”

If a community is in it only to mine right now and not advance the cause….you’re wasting your time.

Only through the “grassroots” activation of people around the world who believe what we believe can we start a movement that attracts

  1. More community members
  2. More entrepreneurs
  3. More investors
  4. More press/blogger/social media attention.

So Objective #1 (Awareness) at this stage of IOP’s evolution might be something like:

Build the world’s strongest community of people committed to the Age of People over the Age of Machines

In a future post (assuming this is the right objective), we’ll explore what the goals for this objective should be. In other words, “how will we know we have a strong community?”

How You Can Help

Are you a member of a Fermat/IOP community already?

If yes, please share

  • WHY you joined?
  • What do you hope to get out of it?
  • What kinds of people make great (or terrible) community members?
  • What kind of support do you need from the rest of the project?
  • What’s working/not working about the current community model?

This isn’t about getting angry (if you want community fighting, go talk to Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited people). This is about getting better.

Remember, this project will not work without an incredible Community and Community Experience.

Fueled by Investors

Until the world fundamentally changes, money is what makes the engines of commerce (and much of society) work. Well, maybe ‘currency’ is a better term, but let’s not get into that.

Bottom line…we’re going to need an attractive IOP token price that has momentum and growth to attract the highest quality project members AND additional investors to drive the growth/value.

Many of the investors won’t care about the vision or mission. That’s fine. They just need to believe that IOP is going to be worth a lot more in the future than it is today. If (sorry, when) we get that, we’ll get more attention, more investors, and more people who will put their skills and projects into and onto IOP.

So, Objective #2 centers around perception and the price, growth, and rate of change of the value of the IOP token.

Something like:

Be recognized as one of the top 10 (or 5 or 20) most promising crypto-tokens/digital assets in the world by the beginning of 2018.

Goals here might be a little bit easier to figure out, as it will come down to

  1. What token price do we need by the end of the year?
  2. What growth rate (month over month) do we need to show?
  3. What kind of daily transactions do we need to support this contention?

Again, we can flush this out in the next post, but this is the initial thought. Feel free to tell me where I’m wrong.

Objective #3

Finally, Leads….also known as “people willing to ‘buy’ into the IOP infrastructure in one way or another.”

There’s no way we drive our vision for the future Age of People over Age of Machines if there aren’t people actually engaging WITH the Internet of People.

And, no investors are going to buy the tokens if they don’t see growth in use cases and apps that attract interest/excitement and users in some way.

So we MUST get entrepreneurs to either build their apps (or better yet) move their existing businesses in whole (or part) to the IOP infrastructure.

The other day, I had the privilege to chat with Adam who is the first business owner who will has agreed to move part of his business operations to IOP.

I kind of like the Biblical significance of Adam as “first person in the world” in history and Adam as “first businessperson in the IOP world”.

What’s cool about Adam (and you can read the call notes here-Tom will be building a more expanded story/persona that brings him to life soon) is that he represents a very cool balance of passion and pragmatism.

He’s passionate about our vision, but he’s pragmatic. He has a business to run and he wants to grow profitably by separating user growth from infrastructure cost growth by migrating to IOP.

There are more like him out there and we need to find them and get them on board.

So, it might be something like this…

Objective 3: Become a desirable alternative for businesses that are growing as an infrastructure.

I suspect the goals here will center around things like

  • Get 100 “Adams” (business owners) who are running all or part of their business on IOP by 2018 across multiple use cases.
  • # of inquiries from existing business owners about migrating a business
  • # of referrals from community members/chapters (you can see how they connect here)
  • # of downloads of wallets, apps, or pulls from GitHub

We’ll refine, of course, but hopefully (and again, this is a first draft), this gives some thoughts on how they all work together.

A strong community will help us drive local awareness (PR, meet-ups, etc.) and find business owners/use cases.

Increasing number of use cases and community members will tell a momentum story to investors which will increase token interest and value.

This will (hopefully) begin the flywheel for us.

Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts.

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