NEW BOOK: The Decentralized Marketing Organization

TL:DR; My new book, The Decentralized Marketing Organization: How Crypto-Marketers Can Increase Token Value by Empowering Community Members is coming out today. Download the FREE PDF here.

One of the things that I have been thinking about a lot is marketing ‘force multipliers’ for crypto-startups.

All around us, we see centralized incumbents and, in some cases, governments surrounding the decentralized movement in an effort to hinder its growth. I expect that this will continue for a while as we continue through the “violent opposition” stage of Schopenhauer’s 3 stages of disruption.

In the past few weeks, we have seen Facebook, Google, and (possibly) Twitter all clamp down on crypto-marketing efforts. To be sure, some of these were scams. However, the very fact that those three can choke off the most popular advertising channels is a reminder to everyone in the crypto movement about the dangers of centralization.

For the past 10–20 years, these giants (and the marketers at the centralized entities that leverage them) have optimized their efforts. Combined with large marketing budgets that are larger than most start-ups are willing to spend (even with extremely high token network values), it is going to be challenging to beat them at their own game.

Instead, I think there’s another way for crypto-startups to move forward.

Similar to how Amazon chose to be “digital native” versus Barnes and Noble;s “digital add-on” approach, blockchain/crypto-startups have the opportunity to leverage the inherent capabilities of the new technology in a way that a centralized incumbent never could.

If they do that, I believe they have the ability to create something that I am calling the Decentralized Marketing Organization.

The Decentralized Marketing Organization is a marketing engine that not only exceeds the agility and effectiveness of centralized models, it reduces the dependency on centralized channels to achieve awareness and adoption by leveraging the native capabilities of blockchain systems.

The book is an exploration of what a ‘crypto-first’ organization could do to leverage the unique capabilities of blockchain systems, tokens, distributed governance, and token-owner communities in order to create marketing ‘force multipliers,’ which allow a crypto, or blockchain-native, startup to compete with centralized incumbents.

The book explores the Strategy, Doctrine, and Technology of the Decentralized Marketing Organization and also provides some suggestions and guidelines for how crypto-marketers can think about the infrastructure they will need in the future.

Lastly, the book brings in the voices of the experts, the “Decentralized Marketing All-Star Team.”

These are people who are on the absolute front lines at some of the world’s largest, most impressive crypto-projects, and confronting the challenges and opportunities of this emerging world of value creation.

In the book, you will hear from:

It’s an incredibly strong group of practitioners and viewpoints and we are all lucky to have them.

Part of what is so exciting about the world of crypto and blockchains is all of the innovation that is now possible because of its arrival. How marketing gets executed, at scale, is one of them.

I hope you will give the Decentralized Marketing Organization: How Crypto-Marketers Can Increase Token Value by Empowering Community Members a read.

You can download the FREE PDF here. I don’t even ask for your email address.

Once you have a chance, I hope you’ll share your feedback with me so we can all develop a future that delivers more value to more people with greater speed and less cost.