Have we lost touch with what it means to be free?

When it comes to family wealth management I have a feeling we have forgotten what it means to be free because individual over collective economic models have been taught in public education. There is a lot of content designed to teach individual or married life finances but not how to keep and retain wealth inside a self contained invisible boundary called Family.

In the book “Strategy”* there are two types of strategy to keep in mind

  1. Strategy — short term, like a single battle, a single day, week, month, year how to be present in all moments to be the best person you are able to be
  2. Grand Strategy — long term, like 10, 20, 50 years, how to be mindful of your future legacy

To me it is best to express that in terms for family finances as Individual Family Member strategy and the Collective Family Strategy. I want to help break family finances away from the basic principle of capitalism which is the economizing problem*

To me I don’t see the family to every take the priority of the individual and through mutual respect and love the individual family member would want to be part of the collective family.

  1. Independent Family Strategy— has access to Collective Family Trust through a new type of business service delivered through AI based computing.
  2. Collective Family Strategy — a framework of financial principles that give benefits to those family members that participate in the Collective Family Trust.

Over a year ago I was researching Family Trust and how they could effectively be a way to empower and unite my family to become more involved with one another and to create a safety net of support for those going through challenges.

When thinking about how to best manage my grand mothers assets and her current cognitive recall rate I created a simple diagram so I could visual where each of my family members monthly housing expenses were going.

A single real-estate transaction creates an enormous amount of wealth when using accounting principles. What if all the wealth generated from a real-estate transactions went to a family instead of a bank?

On the happy green path the principle of re-investing your gains is applied and all middle-wear is eliminated. Well except for the application maintenance fee*.


Jerdon Johnston