Moving at the pace of change

Seeing the world a little differently is my specialty and I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding how to treat people, processes, and technology in business. The world is full of lines, diagrams, and equations that seem to keep my mind always busy. Recently through I have been thinking about

Why do we inspire peoples hearts?

Why do we inspire peoples minds?

Why do we inspire peoples souls?

When we embrace change, we embrace growth. When we unlock people hearts through recognition, their minds through challenge, and souls through purpose any group of people can achieve great things.

A business is like the piano pictured below. Each piano key is like a team or person in an organization. The hammers inside are grouped together like departments.

How do you learn a skill you didn’t know? How do you solve a problem you don’t know? How do you make bring people together without force? These challenges are no different than learning a new song. Practice is essential and having a mindset focused on progress not perfection is important. Inspiring change is also accepting failure.

Relating music to a product

Supply — A song

Input — fingers a hitting the keys

Processing — Playing the song

Output — sounds

Customer — Our ears

Moving at the pace of change requires mostly patience and persistence.

How to move at the pace of change?

Evolving only happens out of necessity for most of us because change is against our nature as humans. Since meditating on compassion more and trying to operate from a place of kindness I don’t care how a self forming group of people wants to solve their problems.

On the other hand though without structure how do groups interact naturally and effectively? Having a framework for structure and effective communication will create a bi-product of success.

Outside of a framework we should allow teams of people we trust to be semi-autonomous and make decisions that could help solve core business problems. Even though this can be scary. It shows you who really cares and is engaged with your brand.

I hope you found this article abstract and helpful. I hope you enjoy the rest of your readings.


Jerdon Johnston