Yet for all the Republican rhetoric about small government, the government hasn’t really shrunk under any Republican administrations.
Conservatives have been pushing for smaller government for decades, and the Republican party has…
David Piepgrass

Absolutely agreed. Which is why it was so wonderful to see in 2016 both the Republican party and the Democrat party implode :)

I think that the problem with trying to set up more campaign finance rules to fix campaign finance abuses is that the people who are going to make the rules isn’t going to change. They’ll dance here, and dance there, and give you a new set of guidelines, but nothing will have changed about the power dynamics — people will, by whatever means they can, look to influence power.

Let’s take modern day employer based health insurance as an example — its genesis is actually in a dodge of wage controls, offering benefits in lieu of wages to work around attempts to put the finger of the government on the scale. Similarly, no matter what campaign finance rules you created, there will always be a loophole within a loophole where the rich can expend influence.

The only way to avoid turning political campaigns into battles of power is to take power away from government. I know that that might rub some socialists the wrong way, who truly believe they could usher in a worker’s paradise if only given the chance, and yes, it would mean that power would then lie in the hands of private corporations and private individuals — but I find the free market much more responsive than any government we have had in my lifetime. I can choose whether or not to buy something at Barnes and Noble — I can’t choose whether or not to pay income taxes :)

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