Imagine your doctor tells you that you have dangerously high cholesterol and blocked arteries.
Denying Climate Denial
Andrew Winston

Funny you would bring such a thing up. For many years, the medical establishment consensus has been that high cholesterol and blocked arteries are an issue caused by dietary fat and dietary cholesterol.

Notably, it is in fact an issue caused by dietary carbohydrate.

So, if you were to listen to your doctor, and commit to a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet (as I myself once did), according to your belief in the science (or more the the point the vicarious belief in the science you have because your doctor believes things for you), you’d only get worse (as actually happened to me). Having a default to “action” is neither reasonable, nor prudent, especially on a topic that has been politicized (as dietary fat was politicized by the grain lobby and Ancel Keys).

The problem with the current streak of climate activism is that they mistakenly conflate sound science with policy prescription — and it is more likely than not that their policy prescriptions are the precisely wrong ones, in the same way that low-fat, low-cholesterol diets are the precisely wrong ones.

Bottom line — one can deny your policy prescriptions are useful or beneficial, without denying atmospheric science.

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