As millions of people squander their emotional energy by directing it at (and thus further legitimizing) the system they DON’T want, very little is left to invest in imagining the future they DO want.
Protests Feed What They Oppose
Joe Brewer

Given the fact that the future that these protesters want is diametrically opposed to a better world with more freedom and more prosperity, I give thanks every day that these untold millions have been squandering their emotional energy. Every wasted emotional erg and joule from these people is another chance for a better world that respects individuality and choice.

I can only hope that on their journey to acceptance, they spend some time in self-reflection, and realize what a nightmare their attempts at utopia have been to the rest of us. Each passing week, we have more wealth removed from government coffers and relinquished back to the entrepreneurs and employers and wealth builders of this nation. This is winning, bigly :)

With any luck, maybe the next 8 years can undo the damage of the past 24 years. The memetic energy of Kek shall prevail!