I cannot separate telling the truth about the history of Native Hawaiian astronomy from also not wanting Native Hawaiian astronomy to be used as an excuse to further colonize Hawaiian lands.
Making Meaning of “Decolonising”
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

He Hawai’i au; he mau Hawai’i kakou a pau.

I am Hawaiian; we are all Hawaiians.

E kala mai, but the original Marquesan colonists to the Hawaiian islands were invaded by Tahitian colonists circa 1300AD. There was never any other invasion of the islands, although competing groups fought with each other until the islands were unified under Kamehameha the Great as a multi-racial Kingdom in 1810. This multi-racial Kingdom lasted until 1893, when it was overthrown by a local Committee of Safety, and became the internationally recognized Republic of Hawaii, which later sued for annexation into the United States of America.

The sovereign State of Hawaii is comprised of settlers and colonists of many different origins, including those who can trace their ancestry to Marquesans and Tahitians. Since unification, we’ve always been welcoming of further waves of colonization, including the Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Filipino, American, English, German, and most recently Micronesian.

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