When Good Intentions Backfire
danah boyd

If journalists had been as critical of their ideological allies as they are of their ideological enemies, they’d have credibility. Sadly, we now live in a world where even legitimate critiques are going to be ignored because they have already lied to us so many times, we just can’t extend them any further trust.

If I was running a large news organization, I’d take massive steps to regain credibility — look through the past 8 years of coverage, find the partisan hacks who only threw softballs or otherwise let their ideological bias get in the way of their journalism, and fire them. I’d make every firing public, with specific examples of the kind of behavior they engaged in that is no longer considered acceptable, and I’d stock the newsroom with fresh faces willing to abide by a culture that is equally critical of both friends and enemies.

Of course, it could be that the people running these large news organizations are so compromised, they’d have to fire themselves first…

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