People won’t just believe there is no free will, because there is no free will.
I’m afraid your initial line is entirely false.
James Roy Poulter

I’ll add another line of thinking, out of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels — it’s possible that everything happens, and in each parallel reality the individual has the illusion of free will. In the frame of reference of the single reality, free will is a reality (it’s what distinguished that specific reality from an infinite number of other realities where heisenberg’s uncertainty principle threw the spin of a single photon the other way). In the multi-verse frame of reference, choice seems irrelevant because all possible combination of choices are made.

tl;dr — it’s possible that determinism is an illusion as well, if every possible thing that could happen does happen :)

The funny part is that I think Wilson Allen Campbell III actually comes to the same conclusion as you do, that there is a dire need to communicate — even though, if you didn’t believe in free will, there’s no such thing as “need”, since everything happens in a preordained, deterministic way, and the “system” cares nothing about the truth, only following its deterministic path :)

The way I walk this tightrope is to believe that the universe I experience is deterministic (the same way I believe the chair I’m sitting on is mostly empty space), but I behave as if I have free will (and the chair I’m sitting on is truly solid). I’m not sure if this counts as cognitive dissonance, or if it’s just a peculiar coping skill.

Fun fact I’m sure Wilson Allen Campbell III will appreciate, I believe that there is no God, but I behave as if there is “good” and “evil” :)

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