actual observations are a temperature increase of 0.64±0.06°C for a 25% increase in CO2, which extrapolates to 1.99°C for a doubling of CO2
As an addendum to my previous response, these are the published estimates in various studies of the…
David Piepgrass

I’m not understanding your math here, hopefully you (or anyone with a better grasp of logarithms than me), can walk me through it.

I know a doubling is not the same as four +25% added together. The last 75% isn’t as effective as the first 25%.

200ppm — 400ppm = +100% = 1C
200ppm — 250ppm = +25%
250ppm — 312ppm = +25%
312ppm — 390ppm = +25%
390ppm — 488ppm = +25%

Am I missing part of your intended argument? Did I get your math wrong?

I think I can sort of see maybe 3 * 0.64 = 1.92, and you get close to the doubling at 390, call the last .07 the last 10ppm, but this sort of opens up the can of worms with 18+ years of increasing CO2 and no statistically significant temperature increase, don’t you think?

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