Now your just making baseless statements.
Now your just making baseless statements.
joseph gresham

No more baseless than yours :)

As for the confederate flag, my icon is in protest of censoring the confederate flag, and the history of the civil war. Removing that symbol from our common experience is denigrating the huge sacrifices made, on both sides, to keep the Union, and end slavery in the United States. It would be like removing all pictures of Robert Byrd in his KKK outfit, because the KKK is offensive.

Now, I’m sorry you feel like you need to outsource your rational thought processes to a group of unspecified “world scientists” that you blindly believe in. If you ever want to actually politely discuss the science of climate, and the scientific method, I’m happy to engage with you.

Remember, that vast majority of scientists once believed in phrenology, eugenics, and low-fat diets. Luckily, science isn’t done by polling :)

On the other hand, if you’ve already decided that you’re 100% perfect at picking the right authorities to believe in, more power to you :)

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