If we cut down the rainforest then how will pumping CO2 into the atmosphere grow it back again in a…
joseph gresham

Okay, slightly off topic, but personal question:

It seems fairly obvious that you’re not very well informed on the topic of climate change (at least in comparison to me). Does it feel frustrating to have all of the premises you believe in challenged with verifiable data and observations?

I have no doubt you believe in your assertions, but have you ever actually challenged yourself or your beliefs on this? Is there any doubt in your mind, any possible way you might be convinced of your error? Or are you absolutely sure you’ve picked the right horse in this race, and that the authorities you believe in are infallible?

I’ve tried, time and time again, to challenge my own beliefs, and use, as a guide, the scientific method. I specify my falsification criteria, I construct the argument that excludes the null if those criteria aren’t found, and then I look really, really, really hard for holes in my argument.

I guess maybe this is a good question for you — what’s the best argument against your belief in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming that you know of?

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