better pick one that requires physical hands on the customer, in order to be safe from automation and outsourcing.
If you go with what’s intuitively obvious (one would think), then yes, of course scarcity of labor…
Kady M.

Or, make sure you pick one that *is* automation and outsourcing. Pushing paper as a “white collar” job might be on the way out, but truly “silicon collar” jobs, where you take complex business processes and automate them, and “outsource” them to lower skilled maintenance, is funnily enough, fairly immune to automation and outsourcing itself :)

Of course, theoretically, you could run out of things to automate and outsource, but at least in the domains I’ve worked in, there seems no practical upper bound, for the particularly qualified, to automate and outsource. The difficult industry issue is that management has a difficult time identifying, growing, or maintaining that particular high-level skill set.

So if you’re a coding rock star, go ahead and jump into the automation and outsourcing game, but if you can’t excel in that domain, a “must-be-physical-in-person” job is definitely good advice.

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