You’re supposedly driven to support the party of Trump because someone on the internet thinks that party is unredeemable.
I’ve heard tens of variations of this claim: “I was completely openminded until liberals did this…
O.T. Ford


Yes. Exactly this. Of course, you’re simply the most recent and memorable example of someone declaring one party unredeemable, but I think you’d accept, and perhaps even embrace, the idea that you’re actually representative of the majority of the folks on the left.

Now, if you and your fellow believers wanted to be more persuasive, you would be talking about how to redeem your ideological opponents, rather than how they must be eternally opposed because they are unredeemable. This *really* matters. I mean, seriously, *really* matters.

Case in point — I’ve been an atheist since first grade. Simply zero ability for me to suspend disbelief and head towards the God camp. But I just got an email this morning from a delightful evangelical I went to high school with, and I’ve had any number of philosophical debates about theology with. He and I completely disagree on theology — total polar opposites. But because we both start off believing that we can be redeemed (one way or another), we can work towards a common identity and stewardship, rather than demanding that one of us hold dominion over the other.

Try for a moment to take me seriously. Try for a moment to steel-man my point of view. See if you can practice enough empathy to understand where I’m coming from. At that point, you may be able to craft a more persuasive pitch to someone who is actually more ideologically aligned with your point of view than not.