As for the KKK in my eyes they were and are nothing more then a terrorist organisation.
But it is the flag of those who fought for slavery. You know that don’t you?
joseph gresham

That’s absolutely correct — the KKK were Democrat party terrorists, no doubt. And the moment we start censoring the KKK, and pretending like they never existed, is the moment we plant the seeds for their revival, when people forget they ever existed.

The confederate flag was one where a lot of non-slave owning whites died under the command of elites who did own slaves. It was also the flag of a region that was subjected to Sherman’s “Total War”, with rape, pillage, and plunder instituted as the policy of the Union Army. It is an indelible part of our history, and hiding it away is a disservice to everyone.

However in my opinion solar and clean energy including nuclear are the future.

I like solar for outer space, but on a terrestrial level, I think it’s just not reliable enough. It’s fun, but not a replacement for natural petroleum.

Definitely think thorium reactors look good, but even more than that, every step of efficiency we make (incandescent -> CFL -> LED), is a huge help, especially with the poorest of the poor.

But it was good to see another persons perspective on the matter and I do apologise if things got a little heated between us however we agree to disagree

Thank you, I appreciated the discussion as well. I hope you not only try to prove me wrong in the future, but also subject yourself to that same scrutiny.

To answer the question I asked in another response, the best argument I’ve heard in support of AGW (sadly, there are very few good arguments for CAGW), is the assertion that popperian falsifiability is inappropriate because bayesian methods can be used to find truth instead. I think that the bayesian argument can be refuted with some fairly simple statistics and stricter rules on what we consider an acceptable “p” value, but it’s the strongest argument I’ve heard from the “other side”.

They still fall down on relying on economic models and fudging discount rates to support proposed carbon taxes or emissions reductions :)

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