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The Credibility Question

What I find particularly humorous is the claims of the MSM that President Trump has no credibility, when in fact, all of their hysteria is actually driving their credibility to all time lows.

For every pearl-clutching scene they stage about some nefarious evil our president is supposed to be engaged it, it doesn’t take more than a few google searches to find similar instances of democrats doing the same, and worse, without any freak out of the press. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the Ds should have gotten a pass on their trespasses, and I don’t think President Trump should get a pass on anything in particular he does just because the Ds did at one time — but the sheer over-reaction of the MSM only makes it impossible for them to hold President Trump accountable when he *really* does something wrong.

Regaining Credibility

I’ve thought about what the MSM could do in order to regain credibility, and I think they’re simply emotionally incapable of it — they need to hold Ds to the fire with the same verve as they try to hold Rs to the fire. Until the New York Times demands that the Clintons go to jail for their corrupt foundation, or that Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, and the other lying, law-breaking miscreants of the Ds get their due punishment, nobody is ever going to take their critiques of Rs seriously.

And this is a shame.

If the MSM had been even half as eager at holding Obama accountable for the eight years of his tenure, I’d be cheering their side. As it is, their partisanship has destroyed their credibility.

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